The head is not just given for the hat

«Forget the astronomical cost of a good cut of beef these days. Examination of my supermarket docket showed I’d been charged the equivalent of $170 per kg for spinach leaves,» exclaims Don Bain of Port Macquarie.

«If only our politicians were in a Disney (C8) movie!» is the fervent wish of Garth Clarke of North Sydney. «Imagine how useful it would be if, Pinocchio-like, their noses grew longer with every lie they told!» 

The idiom ‘third time lucky’ obviously wasn’t working for one overheight truckie from a radio report heard by Jack Dikian of Mosman. «The driver apparently tried to enter the Lane Cove tunnel without success, the Sydney Harbour tunnel without success and was finally turned back at the Eastern Distributor – this time [allegedly] with a fine to boot.»

Speaking of idioms and proverbs, Graeme Collett of Tamworth wrote in asking for help with a Russian proverb that his mother told him, which he remembers as: «Love me when I am dirty as anyone will love me when I am clean.» Graeme has «searched the good Doctor Google and his cousin Bing and drawn a blank, except for heaps responding to ‘dirty’. My mother was always much wiser than the doctor or his cousin.» Granny took the opportunity to indulge in a spot of research of Russian idioms herself, however, while she now understands that the head is not just given for the hat, she cannot say she knows where the dog is buried on this one. Over to you, Column 8-ers!

As a young student in London in the early 70s, John Burman of Port Macquarie would, like many other Australians, diligently write home to his parents in Sydney every weekend. «Sometimes I would have their reply within a week, such was the speed and efficiency of the airmail service (C8) then. Now it might take three weeks or more each way. » While living in Vienna (Austria, not Virginia) in the mid-80s the wife of Barry White of Quaama «received a letter posted from Australia, perhaps a week earlier, simply addressed to her, Vienna, and our local phone number. Eat your heart out Australia Post!»

«I understand Ken Hudson’s objection to GST (C8) being applied to things that are neither goods nor services,» writes Dave Davies of Drummoyne. «I received an invoice for a ‘free’ frequent flyer flight for taxes which were increased by 10 per cent for GST. Since when is tax a good or a service?»

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